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Thirdway Industries Complete Cards Set (incl. Omnia Suprema / Sins / Odissea ++)

Thirdway Industries Complete Cards Set (incl. Omnia Suprema / Sins / Odissea ++)
Thirdway Industries Complete Cards Set (incl. Omnia Suprema / Sins / Odissea ++)
Thirdway Industries Complete Cards Set (incl. Omnia Suprema / Sins / Odissea ++)
Thirdway Industries Complete Cards Set (incl. Omnia Suprema / Sins / Odissea ++)
Thirdway Industries Complete Cards Set (incl. Omnia Suprema / Sins / Odissea ++)
Thirdway Industries Complete Cards Set (incl. Omnia Suprema / Sins / Odissea ++)
Thirdway Industries Complete Cards Set (incl. Omnia Suprema / Sins / Odissea ++)
Thirdway Industries Complete Cards Set (incl. Omnia Suprema / Sins / Odissea ++)

Thirdway Industries Complete Cards Set (incl. Omnia Suprema / Sins / Odissea ++)    Thirdway Industries Complete Cards Set (incl. Omnia Suprema / Sins / Odissea ++)

Curated Cards Presents: A Complete Set of Thirdway Industries Kickstarter Decks This Premium Carat Set consists of. Omnia Suprema (#42 / 575).

Omnia Magnifica (#988 / 1,000). Dedalo Apeiron (#669 / 1,000). Pantheon (#735 / 1,777). Sins Anima (#1,126 / 1,177). Eva (#589 / 1,999).

Lunatica Chimera (#541 / 1,500). Lunatica Phoenix (#425 / 1,500). Delirium Absolute (#493 / 777). Odissea Mythica (#1,224 / 1,777). Odissea Nec Plus Ultra (#203 / 500).

This is an extremely special set. This set encompasses every currently available Kickstarter funded deck ever produced by Thirdway Industries, from the original Delirium Prism all the way through to Odissea. Of special note is the inclusion of a low number Omnia Suprema, the single most sought-after deck in the Thirdway Industries catalogue which is now almost impossible to find. As with all our premium Carat sets, these decks come within a Carat case for unparalleled security and displayability; the exquisite tuck cases simply shine through the deluxe acrylic, making for an optimum viewing experience. Please visit the Kickstarter page of these projects for exhaustive and complete descriptions of these wonderful decks, synopses and pictures of which are provided below.

Given the number of decks in this set, we have attempted to keep the overview of each series as succinct as possible, since any collector serious enough to be interested in purchasing such a set will likely be familiar with Thirdway Industries already, and will understand what an exceptional and unique offer this is. Also, please note that the decks photographed for this listing are from our private collection and have been opened, but you will be receiving all brand new, sealed decks. Omnia: The First was, as its title implies, the first set of decks funded by Thirdway Industries on Kickstarter. It was a smash success, and it's easy to see why. Printed by the EPCC, all aspects of this set exude quality.

The tuck boxes are each printed on premium paper stock and are covered in gorgeous designs printed in luxury gold and red foils, even on the inside. Each tuck is beautiful on its own, but together, the set is absolutely enthralling. Naturally, Suprema comes with a custom numbered seal as well. The cards themselves live up to the standard set by the tuck boxes.

Each deck has unique court cards that rely heavily on metallic inks, and each design has a certain magic to it. The backs each feature a similar, mystical design, but entirely different color palettes. Even the pips are custom, and are printed with a subtle gold texture based on the theme of the suit.

This set comes with a low number Omnia Suprema, the crown jewel of Thirdway Industries decks for collectors. Since this was the first Kickstarter funded deck set, there were very few of these limited edition decks printed, and almost all of them have already found permenant homes. Like the rookie card of a great athlete, no one knew for sure what Thirdway Industries would become when this deck was printed, and if you want to own the seed of Giovanni's "serious" style, it is a must have.

Omnia: The Golden Age is the sequel to Omnia: The First, and like its predecessor, offers three decks with unique court cards and premium features. Also printed by the EPCC, each suit is inspired by an ancient civilization: hearts by the Egyptians, spades by the Babylonians, clubs by the Greeks, and spades by the Persians. The tuck boxes are printed on stardust paper, and feature similarly complex and appealing designs as the first Omnia, as well as various shades of intricate foiling. Where The First was largely black, white, and gold, The Golden Age is more colorful, which makes for a excellent contrast when the sets are placed beside each other.

This time Magnifica gets a custom numbered seal. Each deck features cards with two shades of premium metallic ink, and the court cards benefit immensively from the shine.

The courts take the same aesthetic from The First and add new twists and complexities, each staying true to its theme. The pips and the aces also shine with metallic ink, and are each fully customized with envious detail. This set includes the ultra-premium Omnia Magnifica, the final evolution of the Omnia series, which features ebony backgrounds and both bronze and gold metallic inks, and is most Baroque deck Giovanni has yet designed. This set consists of the three decks from the Dedalo campaign, Alpha, Omega, and Aperion, and the solo finale, Pantheon.

Printed by the EPCC, these decks tell the story of famous Greek myths and gods, particularly the tale of the Labyrinth and the Minotaur. Giovanni's style continued to evolve with this set, and new heights of opulence were reached, first with Apeiron, then Pantheon, the single most lavish deck ever produced by Thirdway Industries.

Printed on stardust paper, the Dedalo tuck boxes feature various foils: aqua for Alpha, gold for Omega, and both for Apeiron. The tucks are also embossed, and feature intricate, labyrinthine designs and impossible shapes meant to ensnare your gaze. Pantheon then takes everything to the next level with its soft-touch paper stock, purple, silver and gold foil on the outside and red on the inside. Lightning bolts and perfectly interlocked impossible triangles shine under any light, making this tuck the ultimate display piece. Both Aperion and Pantheon come with custom numbered seals. The Dedalo cards feature plenty of metallic ink, and depict many famed gods and heroes from Poseidon to Theseus to Athena to to Ares to Zeus to Dedalo himself. The attention to detail in the telling of this story is truly remarkable; every court card is unique, and each one emanates beauty and meaning. Pantheon is the perfection of this aesthetic. The cards feature bright gold and violet metallic ink on the courts, and every card is covered in hot stamped gold foil on its back, showcasing the same captivating design found on the back of the tuck box.

This set consists of the three decks from the Sins campaign, Corpus, Mentis, and Anima, and the solo finale, Eva. Printed by the EPCC (Sins) and the USPCC (Eva), these decks tell the story of the Original Sin and the Seven Deadly Sins that followed (Sins), and also of the "first" women from different cultures from around the world (Eva), these being Pandora (Spades), Pyrrha (Clubs), Lilith (Diamonds), and, or course, Eva (Hearts).

The Sins tuck boxes keep up the tradition established by earlier Thirdway decks, with Corpus using gold and green foil on premium black stock, Mentis using gold and black foil on premium white stock, and Anima using silver and black foil on premium red stock. All of these tucks also feature inner foil and deep embossing, the latter of which makes for an amazing tactile experience. Both Anima and Eva have custom numbered seals. Symbols of all kinds are also hidden throughout the design, and will only be noticed by a careful eye.

Printing was handled by Clove St. Press, the leader in letterpressing for the playing card industry. The Sins court cards represent the Seven Deadly Sins: In Sins Mentis there is Greed (Diamonds), Envy (Clubs), Pride (Spades) and Lust (Hearts). In Sins Corpus there is Wrath (Diamonds), Gluttony (Clubs), Sloth (Spades) and Lust (Hearts). In Sins Anima, all the of sins are combined.

The story told by these decks is familiar, but the manner in which it is told is unique. The backs of Sins represent Eden, the place where the Original Sin occurred. In Sins Mentis, Eve was planning to eat the Apple of Knowledge, but she refrained, so Eden was bright. In Sins Corpus, Eve ate the Apple and she was banned.

Without her and Adam, an eternal night fell on Eden. This means, chronologically, that Sins Corpus happened after Sins Mentis.

In Sins Anima, Adam and Eve realize theyre the first two humans in the world. They are banned, frail and mortal.

But after they ate the Apple, they also are full of self-knowledge. They became the first two dreamers. Eden is now empty and is red. Red like blood and hell fire, but also red like a passionate heart.

The court cards of Eva are all women, some of whom have their assets on display, and all of which feature metallic ink. The nudes are not pictured above, but you can view them in this. This review also covers the jokers, all of which have some degree of nudity. The pips are simple and elegant, and each suit features a set of hieroglyphs with a different meaning. Spades represent Pandora's Box, hearts the apple and the snake, clubs the great flood sent from Olympus to Earth, and diamonds the battle between Adam and Lilith.

The Lunatica set consists of four decks in two pairs. Each pair has the same cards, the difference being the tuck cases, one of which is relatively standard, and the other of which is covered in gorgeous foils. Everything was printed to the highest standard by the USPCC. These decks have a wild and playful feel compared to most of the other decks produced by Thirdway Industries, and are themed around the two meanings of the base title, Lunatica, which can refer either to the moon or to madness.

Neon ink has been used extensively in the printing of these cards, the result being that they fluoresce (glow) under a blacklight as can be seen in this. Deck review by The Gentlemen Wake. The standard edition (Equinox & Solstice) tuck boxes feature an impressive design which showcases the various phases of the moon, one in a positive light, and the other negative. Both are printed using a variety of neon inks which almost seem to glow even under normal light. The limited edition (Chimera & Phoenix) tuck boxes are masterpieces of foil, one green and holographic, and the other orange and holographic.

Both are printed on premium soft-touch matte paper and include a custom, numbered, holographic seal. Give these tuck boxes a bit of light and they will outshine a diamond. The back designs of the cards feature the same illustrations found on the backs of the tuck boxes. Flowers and flying wings present the moon positively against the neon yellow background for Equinox and Chimera, while Solstice and Phoenix display skulls and folded wings to present the moon negatively against a neon orange background. Each of the suits symbolizes a different facet of the human condition, and the court cards are illustrated in order to convey these meanings.

The aces each feature a positive custom pip against a neon background symbol which reinforces the theme of the suit. Delirium Prism was Giovanni's first foray into crowdfunding, and began to tell the story of a crazy realm full of magic and betrayal. Years later, the rest of the story was told through Insomnia and Ascension. Absolute contains the same cards as Ascension, but does so within an ulta-premium tuck box printed in very limited numbers for serious collectors. Prism was printed by the EPCC, while The Lost Decks were all printed by the USPCC; both are premium quality products.

The Prism tuck box is printed on a very special prismatic stock that shines and changes color at every angle. It is the only deck we know of that achieves such an effect using the base stock rather than foil printed atop. The Insomnia tuck box is covered in vibrant yellow and violet ink, and features a similar design to Prism on its front.

The Ascension tuck is much more subdued, and uses premium metallic ink for its dark blue, light blue, and shades of gold. The Absolute tuck is the most majestic production from Thirdway since Pantheon, and uses very similar dark blue, soft-touch premium matte stock. Alexandra adorns the front of this tuck, while The Almighty appears on the back, both crafted from gold and light blue foils with intricate detailing and deep embossing. Inner printing and a custom numbered seal round out this amazing tuck.

The court cards all share a similar design aesthetic; highly stylized, geometric, and out of their minds, these characters are clearly suffering as they try to cope with the maddness enveloping their world. The Prism and Insomnia cards are printed with striking, vivid colors using standard inks, while the Ascension/Absolute cards feature three types of metallic ink on both front and back to show off their slightly more elegant accents.

All cards feature full-bleed printing on the back, an especially nice choice, both for display and cardistry. Printed by the USPCC, the tuck boxes all feature gorgeously detailed foil, and the cards are covered in metallic ink on both sides. This set contains Thirdway Industries' second foray into adult entertainment and its first into gilding. It is certainly one of Giovanni's finest creations, and a must-have for any serious collector of narrative playing cards.

The Minerva deck features characters that helped Ulysses on his journey. It comes in a premium matte black tuck box with embossing and tons of gold foil with silver accents. The cards use metallic inks on both front and back, and each of the suits has a particular theme: spades are gods, hearts are family, clubs are friends, and diamonds are troublemakers and prophets. The Neptune deck features the enemies of Ulysses. It also comes in a premium matte black tuck box with embossing, this time with mainly silver foil and gold accents. The cards use metallic inks on both front and back, and each of the suits has a particular theme: spades are invincibles, hearts are blood and passion, clubs are aquatic enemies, and diamonds are malicious enemies.

Mythica is the master deck, featuring characters from both Minerva and Neptune. It acheives this feat by using two-way court cards, each side featuring a different illustration, but this is not the only special feature of this deck. It comes in an embossed, premium matte black tuck box, and has gold, red, and white foil for even greater luxury. Moreover, an experimental touch was added to the cards: the white backgrounds are coated in a small percentage of gold pantone metallic ink to create a pearlescent effect. And last but not least, the court cards contain some soft nudity, only the second Thirdway Industries deck to go this route.

Nec Plus Ultra was written on the Pillars of Hercules, the limit of the known World. It means no more further in latin, and to pass them was forbidden to all mortals. Ulysses was crazy enough to challenge the gods, so hungry was he for knowledge, and attempted to enter this prohibited land. This deck features a tuck box with intricate gold foil atop ultra-premium, pearlescent white stock. Limited to only 500 units, it contains the same cards as the Mythica deck, but with one important distinction: in a Thirdway Industries first, the cards are gilded with gold. Unlike many other playing card sellers, we do not use bubble mailers. Positive five-star ratings are very much appreciated.

Curated Cards is not a conglomerate; we do not aim to provide warehouse selection, profit from volume, or deliver with assembly line efficiency. Curated Cards is a boutique; we acquire decks of fine and unique quality, combine them into a premium package, make them available for a reasonable price, and send them with personalized care. To this end, we have two distinct, primary offerings: curated 12-deck sets and premium Carat sets, although we occasionally offer single decks or other specialties.

Curated 12-deck sets consist primarily of functional decks, whether for cardistry, magic, or playing card games. Premium Carat sets are intended as collectibles, and usually contain two to four decks of artisanal quality. We select only the best of the best to become premium Carat sets so you can view these wonders all in one place without having to scour the internet yourself in seach of such treasures. We genuinely thank you for choosing Curated Cards for your custom playing card needs, for in supporting us you support the creators of these exquisite decks, and we can think of no more enjoyable way to become a patron of the arts. The item "Thirdway Industries Complete Cards Set (incl.

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  • Age: Modern (1970-Now)
  • Theme: Various
  • Brand: Thirdway Industries

Thirdway Industries Complete Cards Set (incl. Omnia Suprema / Sins / Odissea ++)    Thirdway Industries Complete Cards Set (incl. Omnia Suprema / Sins / Odissea ++)