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1960-61 Parkhurst Hockey Almost Complete Set 4.5 VG/EX+

1960-61 Parkhurst Hockey Almost Complete Set 4.5 VG/EX+
1960-61 Parkhurst Hockey Almost Complete Set 4.5 VG/EX+
1960-61 Parkhurst Hockey Almost Complete Set 4.5 VG/EX+
1960-61 Parkhurst Hockey Almost Complete Set 4.5 VG/EX+
1960-61 Parkhurst Hockey Almost Complete Set 4.5 VG/EX+
1960-61 Parkhurst Hockey Almost Complete Set 4.5 VG/EX+

1960-61 Parkhurst Hockey Almost Complete Set 4.5 VG/EX+   1960-61 Parkhurst Hockey Almost Complete Set 4.5 VG/EX+
This set contains the following cards. 1960 Parkhurst #1 Tim Horton. 1960 Parkhurst #2 Frank Mahovlich. 1960 Parkhurst #3 Johnny Bower. 1960 Parkhurst #6 Ron Stewart. 1960 Parkhurst #7 Gerry James. 1960 Parkhurst #8 Gerry Ehman. 1960 Parkhurst #9 Red Kelly.

1960 Parkhurst #10 Dave Creighton. 1960 Parkhurst #11 Bob Baun. 1960 Parkhurst #12 Dick Duff. 1960 Parkhurst #13 Larry Regan.

1960 Parkhurst #16 Allan Stanley. PSA 5.5 - EX+. 1960 Parkhurst #17 George Armstrong.

1960 Parkhurst #18 Carl Brewer. 1960 Parkhurst #19 Bob Pulford. 1960 Parkhurst #20 Gordie Howe. 1960 Parkhurst #21 Val Fonteyne.

1960 Parkhurst #22 Murray Oliver. 1960 Parkhurst #23 Sid Abel. 1960 Parkhurst #24 Jack McIntyre. 1960 Parkhurst #25 Marc Reaume. 1960 Parkhurst #26 Norm Ullman.

1960 Parkhurst #27 Brian Smith. 1960 Parkhurst #28 Gerry Melnyk.

1960 Parkhurst #29 Marcel Pronovost. 1960 Parkhurst #30 Warren Godfrey. 1960 Parkhurst #32 Barry Cullen.

1960 Parkhurst #33 Gary Aldcorn. 1960 Parkhurst #34 Pete Goegan. 1960 Parkhurst #35 Len Lunde. 1960 Parkhurst #36 Alex Delvecchio. 1960 Parkhurst #37 John McKenzie.

1960 Parkhurst #38 Dickie Moore. 1960 Parkhurst #40 Bill Hicke. PSA 7.5 - NM+. 1960 Parkhurst #42 Don Marshall. 1960 Parkhurst #43 Bob Turner.

1960 Parkhurst #44 Tom Johnson. 1960 Parkhurst #45 Maurice Richard. 1960 Parkhurst #46 Bernie Geoffrion. 1960 Parkhurst #47 Henri Richard. 1960 Parkhurst #49 Jean Beliveau. 1960 Parkhurst #51 Marcel Bonin. 1960 Parkhurst #53 Jacques Plante.

1960 Parkhurst #54 Claude Provost. 1960 Parkhurst #56 Hicke / McDonald / Backstrom. 1960 Parkhurst #61 Jim Morrison. This almost complete set contains 46 cards out of the possible 61 cards. This is not a complete set.

This set does not include the following cards: #4 Bert Olmstead, #5 Gary Edmundson, #14 Johnny Wilson, #15 Billy Harris, #31 Terry Sawchuk, #39 Albert Langlois, #41 Ralph Backstrom, #48 Doug Harvey, #50 Phil Goyette, #52 Jean-Guy Talbot, #55 Andre Pronovost, #57 Don Marsh / Henri Richard / Dickie Moore, #58 Claude Provost / Andre Pronovost / Phil Goyette, #59 Bernie Geoffrion / Jean Beliveau / Don Marshall, #60 Ab McDonald. The cards ranked by Value. 1960 Parkhurst #61 Jim Morrison : PSA 5 - EX. 1960 Parkhurst #47 Henri Richard : PSA 5 - EX. 1960 Parkhurst #45 Maurice Richard : 2 - GOOD.

1960 Parkhurst #49 Jean Beliveau : 4 - VG/EX. 1960 Parkhurst #44 Tom Johnson : PSA 7 - NM. 1960 Parkhurst #6 Ron Stewart : PSA 7 - NM. 1960 Parkhurst #40 Bill Hicke : PSA 7.5 - NM+. 1960 Parkhurst #19 Bob Pulford : PSA 8 - NM/MT.

1960 Parkhurst #16 Allan Stanley : PSA 5.5 - EX+. 1960 Parkhurst #56 Hicke / McDonald / Backstrom : PSA 7 - NM. 1960 Parkhurst #18 Carl Brewer : PSA 6 - EX/MT. 1960 Parkhurst #20 Gordie Howe : 2 - GOOD.

Number of Cards in Set. Average Grade - Weighted by Value. 1960-61 Parkhurst Hockey Almost Complete Set 4.5 - VG/EX+.

If the scan in the listing says ACTUAL IMAGE, you will receive the card pictured. For cards issued after 1983, we will often use representative images and you will not receive the exact card pictured. Canadian customers - We send all of our Canadian/International packages with tracking and cannot make any exceptions to this policy.

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Determining the card's grade. The sharpness of the corners and the degree to which a card was cut off-center determines the maximum possible grade that the card can receive.

The card's grade is further reduced by any flaws or blemishes that it may have. Each card is evaluated on the following characteristics and assigned a score. Corners - Each corner of a card is individually analyzed, and then assigned a score on how square, sharp, and flawless it appears.

Centering - The borders are measured, at multiple points along the edge, to determine the horizontal and vertical centering and tilt. Defects - The card is examined for imperfections, such as: size, print flaws, dings, stains, creases, or other wear which could lower its grade. Bonus for Perfect Centering - A vintage card, with near perfect centering, is given a one-half grade bonus. 3.5 or 6.5 it will appear perfectly centered, both vertically and horizontally. Worst Corner - A card can grade only as high as the worst corner will allow.

Tilt - The difference in width of a card border near the top, compared to the bottom. OCT - The sum of how far a card is Off-Center, plus its Tilt. Eye Appeal - The combination of a card's centering, corners and tilt. Well-Centered - Cards that appear perfectly centered receive a bonus of one-half grade.

Flaws, defects and other imperfections - can lower a card's grade. Card Backs - the above criteria is also considered, for the back of the cards, but does not inflict as severe of a penalty to its grade. Once scanned, the cards are placed in "soft" sleeves, which have an open top for easy removal.

The Dean's Cards label is placed on the top back of the card sleeve. Please note that when images are enlarged there may be instances of vertical lines running through the scans. This was caused by a "dust speck" on the scanner and can be verified by the vertical lines running into the black margins on the top and bottom of the image. About Dean and Dean's Cards.

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  • Specific Item: HSET
  • Graded: No
  • Sport: Hockey
  • Grade: 4.50
  • Era: Post-WWII (1942-1980)
  • Year: 1960
  • Team: .
  • Card Manufacturer: Parkhurst
  • Original/Reprint: Original
  • Product: Set

1960-61 Parkhurst Hockey Almost Complete Set 4.5 VG/EX+   1960-61 Parkhurst Hockey Almost Complete Set 4.5 VG/EX+